What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence means improving computer system or machines so that they can perform different functions associated with intelligent beings.

How is Machine learning related with Artificial Intelligence?

Machine learning is a part of Artificial intelligence which focuses on developing algorithms and mathematical models to make computer system   learn, form and improve with their experience on their own without any direct instruction or need of hard programming.

Some real-world applications of AI

Some real-world applications of AI are as follows: –

1)In autonomous vehicle

2)As virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.

3)For recognizing speech and image. 

4)As chatbots. 

5)In Robotics.

What is the future of AI

It is expected that AI will be more advanced with time in areas like computer vision, deep learning and language processing. It will also have an Impact on industries like transportation industry, automobile industry. Overall, it will have a huge impact on our economy and the type of life we lead and our working style as well.

Can AI replace humans?

Though AI can automate various task and roles still it’s unlikely to replace humans completely in the work force. Rather AI can enhance human capabilities. It’s really hard for AI to think with feelings which will be the major barrier in AI replacing humans.

The field of Artificial Intelligence is vast and is rapidly evolving with day-to-day researches and developments setting the bars more and more high daily.


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