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As a human, we don’t like reality. We all are like the fictional world as well as we are wanting to experience those things in real world. But the biggest question is that, how is this possible? Then comes the feature called “AR (Augmented Reality)”. It provides the interactive experience to the real world with the computer-based information in through of Software and Hardware such as AR glasses etc. For example, if you are an anime lover, then you watched Pokémon in your childhood, there has game called “Pokémon Go”, Which is based on this anime. In this game, the world shows by the phone camera as well as the augmented reality (AR) helps to enables the Pokémon’s for the participants in real world, then the participants catch the Pokémon. Another example of the Augmented Reality is, Lenskart’s virtual try on feature. In this feature, the augmented reality (AR) allows you to try the various types of eyeglasses before the purchase.

In the marketing, augmented reality (AR) has gained the significant momentum in last few years for the reason that it has revelationalized the way of brands with their target customer. In this blog, we are going to discuss about the marketing role in augmented reality (AR): –

• Enhanced Product Visualization: – Augmented Reality provides you the visualize things in the real world. Fox example, A customer don’t know how to drive the car, the augmented reality (AR) helps to getting the experience in the home.

• Interactive Brand Experience: – Augmented Reality provides the interactive brand experience to their customer such as 3D product demonstration, interactive video games etc. It is beneficial to attract the target audience towards the company.

• Storytelling and Content Marketing: – Augmented Reality allows you to participate with the brand’s story in through of AR Ads, Scavenger Hunts etc. It will open the new ways for content marketing as well.AR guided the customer to specific point of interest of them as well as encourage for social sharing and word-of-mouth marketing.

• Personalized and Target Campaign: – It provides marketers the highly personalized and target campaign. It will help to identify the customer behavior. The personalization helps to build a strong customer relationship which beneficial to buying process.

• Data Collection and Insights: – It provides the valuable data and some insights for the marketers as well. When the customer using the AR, it helps to gathering the customer data as well as identify the customer behavior and needs. This database using for the future products of the company.

Augmented Reality (AR) is very much trending tool in today’s modern age as well as it has a great future as well. Augmented Reality technology enhance remote consultation and the virtual treatment as well. It is playing a vital role in the education, training and Health care. It is beneficial to get knowledge about the human brain and body.


AR has enabled brands to engage customers in the virtual and physical worlds. It allows consumer to visualize and try them before making a purchasing decision.


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