Embedded Systems: From Theory to Real-World Applications

Embedded Systems SWASTHA GHOSH

Embedded system is one of the important subjects you need to know. Because in our daily lives we are seeing so many electronic gadgets and so many electronic equipments.So, in our daily life we are using the personal computer system but in personal computer systems we are not using the embedded system or embedded processor we are using only the general-purpose processor and if you are seeing the televisions or micro-ovens or washing machines in all this devises, we are using the embedded system. To understand the embedded system, firstly we have to know what is a system. A system is an arrangement in which all its units (so whatever the components that are present) assemble work together work together according to set of rules. Example:A watch – it is a time displaying system.So, its components follow a set of rules to show the time. Suppose if one of its part’s works fail, then the watch will stop working. So, we can say in a system all its components depend each other.

  1. It is a combination of software and hardware. 
  2. it is designed to perform a particular task.
  3. The task has to be completed in a given time.

embroidery system is a combination of software and hardware which is designed to perform a particular task that has to be completed within a given time

so let us take the example of washing machine it is having the hardware components, if you want to run that hardware component you need to install some software Means the real time system, the frequency oscillation the generator how much time it has to be taken to complete this operation. 


Embedded systems are vital to modern technology, seamlessly integrating into devices and enabling efficient operation. With their continued advancements, they will continue to shape and trans form industries, playing a pivotal role in our interconnected world.


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