Graphic design is a creative field which includes the academic discipline as well as creating an art that helps to projecting the ideas with the visual and textual content and it is a way of process which helps to provide the ideas or messages in a visual way. For example, if you are build a company and graphic designing helps to visualizing the subject and goal in a company. It plays a vital role which helps the visual identity and communication of businesses and helping for branding as well as connects with their audience and conveys their message. The main goal of graphic designing is to attract the customers with your visual symbol that helps to convey the specific message as well. In simple words, it helps to build the visual identity for the company.


There are some basic elements that help to build the graphic designing, which are as follows:-

1) LINE: Line is an important element to make a graphic design. It can be broken, straight, and smooth or zigzagged that used for outlining the content or design.

2) Shape:- In order to making a graphic design, Shape is a very important element for the reason that shaping helps to designing the logo with proper way.

3) Form: – It is an important element in the graphic designing as like as shape. There are various kinds of forms such as organic forms and geometric forms. Geometric form will convey order and seem sterile. Organic forms seem more natural rather than geometric form.

4) Texture: – Texture occurs the surface quality of your design which can bring another dimension to your piece and it’s important to add a texture in the graphic design. Without that, the graphic design is not seems attractive.

5) Space:- Space is an important tool to adding a positive space and negative space, when you are creating the graph design.

6) Imagery:- In simple words, Imagery means an image which describes the company’s goal and purpose in through of that. It helps to given an idea to the audience regarding the company.

7) Typography:- It is a basic element of graphic designing that helps to balance between the stylish font and using something which everyone used.

8) Colour:- If you want to create an attractive graphic design, then it’s necessary to add some various type of colours in there. You must be careful to choosing the colours for the graphic design because if the colour is not looks attractive for the symbol or logo, then it creates a negative impact for the company.

Apart from that, there are two type of graphics in Graphic designing such as Roster graphics and Vector graphics. Roster graphics occur the less quality graphics and which are commonly used for photographs and detailed imagery. Meanwhile, Vector graphics is a graphics that  based on the mathematical formulas and can be improved without losing the quality.

In conclusion, Graphic designing is a helpful process in the company as well as it helps to convey the message towards the customer without saying anything to them. In this process, there are need some essential elements to create an attractive logo for the company as we already discussed. It is a helpful process for the organization.


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