In today’s stressful life, we all want one essential thing which called “Entertainment”. There are many elements such as movies, songs, comedy etc. which are provide the entertainment. In this blog, we are talking about the most celebrated entertainment form of the world which called “Movie”. It is a tool of entertainment that can provide the form of entertainment from decade after decades. As the technology will playing a vital role to make a film or movie. Thus, the role of the technology has been revolutionizing over the years. Therefore, there are many elements that will enhance the filmmaking process via technology, now we are going to discuss about the several technical aspects which will as improve as the quality of the movies, which are as follows: – RYIPzToyUqTWFuL8UOrWq5V4sx9yuFi1u3VlPV7OZ9SLdL1CLoS8yPRr7P8SPCssT1rVWGgQVnFHS OTi0H p0ouBT6C9JMgXSQnmPI9ZDZ18sWyPMlGi

1)Camera and projection: -This journey has been started in 1900s when the motion picture cameras and projectors are the only tools to make a film. In this time, the filmmakers are made silent film as like if you are making a film and their don not have a dialogue and you are saying the things in through of visuals and storytelling. In 2023, there are various types of cameras are available to shoot a film with high-quality lens like ARRI Alexa, Red one and many more.

2)Editing: – In the 1900s, there don’t have any special tools or software’s to do a great editing in the film. Thus, there are using normal tools to make the edit of the film. But now, we have several brand new tools and software to editing the film in various style. Furthermore, there are available various digital intermediate techniques that can allowed foe the color grading as well as enhancing the visual aesthetics of the film which will make the film visually spectacle.

3)Visual effects advancement: -It is a very important tool in present scenario as well as it will playing a vital role in future as well because today’s younger audience wants to watch the visually delightful things amidst the movie that’s the reason the movies like spiderman, avengers and other superhero and visually delightful movies are work at the box-office.

4)Sound engineering:-Sound designing is the crucial part to make a film interesting as well as connect with the audience for the reason that the sound will elevated the screenplay of the film and bring out the emotions in the way of various sounds like there has playing a funny scene in the movie, but there are playing a romantic sound in the background, then the audience will not be able to connect with the scene as well as they are confused in that time and lost the interest from the movie. In present day, there are lots of sound technologies are available like Dolby Digital Surround sound formats etc.

In a nutshell, Filmmaking is all about the technology. Without technology, it is not possible to make a movie because if you are making any independent movie there you also need some software and tools in present day. Technology is playing a vital role to make a film and it will upgrade in the future as well. Thus, Technology will create a revolution in the context to making a film. 


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