Technical Aspects of Marketing Niva Kumari Gupta

In order to growing the business, Marketing is playing an important role in there. There are lots of marketing opportunities are available in today’s digital world and there is various type of technical aspects which helps to enhance the marketing process. Now, we are discussing about some key areas that helps to playing a significant role in marketing: –

1)Digital Marketing: -As we all know; technology has revolutionized the marketing process as well as open various options for the marketing. Digital marketing enables to reach the target audience in through of social media, websites, mobile application, email, search engine and many more. It includes search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, email marketing, social media marketing and online analytics etc. In this process, you must have as much as reach in social media. Without that, this process is not able to bring as many as customers.

2)Customer Relationship Management (CRM): -Customer relationship management(CRM) software enables to manage their businesses as well as managing the customers and their database and build the relationships. These platforms are beneficial to provide automated marketing campaigns as well as provide insights to improve the customer relationship and retention. This software also helps to analysing the customer database that helps to identifying the customers taste and needs.

3)Marketing Analytics: – Marketing analytics occurs the tool that gathering and analysing the database to measure the marketing performance, identify needs and build a strong interpersonal relationship with customers. It includes conversion rate, social media metrics, website traffic, customer engagement and other KPI’s etc.

4) Marketing Automation: – In order to build the connection with the customer, Automation software helps to streamlines the repetitive marketing tasks. It helps to send the marketers the right message to the right audience at the right time like some welcome messages, thank you messages etc.

5)Data Management and Analytics: – Data management is an important tool in marketing process. This process helps to gathering and storage the database. It helps to identify the customers purchasing problem and solve the problem as well.

It Is time to discuss about some steps that helps to develop an effective marketing, which are as follows: –

1)Provide Technical Team Training: – Some meetings and presentations are helps to increase the technical knowledge of marketing in the company. 

2) Develop a holistic marketing plan: – Without a strong planning, it is not possible to succeed the business. Just like that, Marketing needs a strong planning which helps to reach a section of wider audience.

3)Focus on storytelling: – If you want to sell anything, then you should have a good storytelling capability. It helps you to communicate with the customers and understand themselves.

4) Incorporate case studies: – Case studies are the best ways to learn some practical knowledges and business lessons rather than the theoretical definitions.

5) Provide key facts and technical data: – In this process, Company can focus on highlighting the key facts and technical data as well.

6) Monitor your performance: – Monitoring your performance is a way of process that enables to identify the KPI’s in through of campaign. Using this process to getting the performance results in the separate time periods such as monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.

In conclusion, As we already discussed about lots of technical aspects of marketing and their use to reach the target audience to selling the product. These technical aspects are getting important in today’s present scenario as well as it will also have the same demand in future as well.


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