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If you want to make successful in your business, then marketing is playing a vital role in there. There are two types of marketing: Traditional and Modern. Digital marketing is the part of modern marketing. It is the component of marketing which uses online-based devices such as MacBook, mobile phone etc. This process is completely based on social media. Let’s assume, if you want to sell a mobile cover. At first, you will post the pictures of mobile cover on the social media and then you are able to reach the customer via social media. But the interesting fact that, Digital Marketing is more popular than the old-school or traditional marketing because this process is a cost free or cost friendly process as well as it helps to reaching as much as customer rather than the traditional marketing. Now, we are going to analysing the digital marketing in the way of dept. for the reason that we are going to discuss about the advantages of digital marketing, which are as follows:-

• Global Reach: – Digital Marketing enables you to find the new market and trade investors in global geographical area.

• Lower Cost: – This process is a very cost friendly process, which gives the better result rather than traditional marketing.

• Openness: – Digital Marketing helps to build the customer loyalty as well as create a reputation which helps to engage with them.

• Social Marketing: – It wills helps to gain the social currency in through of content such as photos, videos etc.

• Improved Conversion Rate: – This process is a easy purchase process because it will just need a click to purchasing any product, if you have an website instead of go to a shop.

These are the advantages of the digital marketing, now we are discussing about the disadvantages of digital marketing, which are as follows:-

• High Competition: – There has a huge competition because you are able to reach the global consumers in this process.

• Skills and Training: – It’s paramount for the each and every employee to have an enough knowledge and skills of digital marketing. Without that, there are not able to doing the digital marketing in successful way.

• Complain and Feedback: – If you are got any negative feedback or review from customers side, then it’s damaged the brands reputation.

• Lack of Security and privacy: – When you are collecting the data of the customer, it’s important to check that is the database authentic or not? It’s important to have a strong security in the social media platforms.

In today’s modern age, digital marketing is an important marketing process in present scenario for the reason that we all are became technically superior day by day and social media is the best way to promote our products. It has a brighter future as well. In the Pandemic period, this process helps to engage with the customers in the form of digital communication. It has many benefits as we are discussed already such as save time, easy to calculate and easier way to build the brand. There are many drawbacks as well. But apart from that, it is beneficial to growing the business as well as maximizing the profit for the organisation.


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